Wednesday, 11 August 2010

'Real' NBA games coming to London.

At last, NBA Chief David Stern came good on his promise to bring regular season NBA matches to the UK.

They may not be the biggest two teams in the League, but the New Jersey Nets and Toronto Raptors are not the worst, they could both fight for a playoff spot come late March. And the two teams are scheduled to play each other over the weekend of March 4-5th.

So not only are we getting a game, we are getting two. The games will be counted as one 'home' and one 'away' match for both teams. Another big positive for these games is that they come at a crucial point in the season, the beginning of March signals the beginning of the 'final push' towards either a playoff campaign or a Summer of nothing.

The NBA have been trying to expand their base in Europe and the UK for a number of years. Last season the Chicago Bulls won against Utah Jazz at the O2 Arena and in years before that, major teams have played here and around Europe, hosting camps for younger players too.

The NBA will never achieve as wide exposure in Europe as they enjoy back home. This is all down to the total dominance of football in Europe, easily the most popular sport. Closely following it in terms of TV air-time is motor racing, including F1.

However things can only get better if Mr Stern keeps true to his promise of regular season games in London and around Europe.

So far, so good, David.