Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Countdown has begun

The Countdown to NBA 2010-2011 Season has begun, with the Chicago Bulls and many other teams' training camps beginning Saturday 25th.

The Big boys of this season looks like being the Miami Heat, already with All-Star Dwyane Wade, they added Lebron James and Chris Bosh into their powerhouse line-up. They look like the team to beat in the East after the Celtics failed to properly upgrade their 09-10 roster.

The Lakers remain the team to beat in the West and look good money to repeat again this season unless the Heat can do something about it. The other teams in the East that could trouble the Heat appear to be the Celtics and a new-look Bulls side.

The Bulls sacked coach Del Negro after their 4-1 loss to the Cavs in April. In his place they bring in former Boston defensive coach Tom Thibodeau, Turkish centre Omar Asik, All-Star Carlos Boozer and big Ronnie Brewer. Add that to their already strong core of Rose, Noah and Deng, with Gibson and Thomas on the bench, they have a strong and fairly deep looking roster that should prove a tough challenge to any team.

The Wizards picked up No1 pick John Wall in the draft, and he will be waiting for his first ever NBA minutes this season, the 6' 4" PG will hope to make as big an impact as other Rookies like Derrick Rose did a couple seasons back.

The Lakers are the same old Lakers, Same old Kobe, same old Gasol... and their old big man Shaq ruined his chances of getting his old Lakers jersey lifted to the rafters of the Staples by going and joining the anti-Lakers in Boston.

So many questions, will James work in Miami? Will the Lakers repeat again? What happens to the Cavs now? And will the Nets EVER be good?

No matter what happens, we are set for a season to remember.

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