Friday, 5 November 2010

NBA 10-11 Week 1

Wow. What a start, if this is how the season continues, we could be in for a memorable Playoff/Finals story.

Miami opened at the Boston Celtics with a loss. That's right, the so called 'Superteam' of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh failed to defeat one of their biggest rivals on opening night.

Crisis, i think not. It's only one game and only game 1 of 82 at that. The Heat then proved to everyone just how deadly they can be when they defeated a hotly-tipped Orlando Magic 96-70 in the Florida Derby. Wade and Lebron have already combined to create highlight plays this season and they will go on to win at least 55 games, maybe even 60. They won't touch the Chicago Bulls' 72-win haul though, and they WON'T win the NBA Title next Summer. Yes, I went there. Miami have 3 of the best players of the current generation. But they have nothing else. And I mean nothing. The players they brought in to fill out the roster are all very average and not exactly good enough to beat a team like the Lakers, the Celtics or even the Bulls. Yes, the Heat can win Games, but as the saying goes: "Good Players win games, but Great Teams win titles." Miami will be soundly beaten by LA or Boston over a series of 7 simply because their bench players are better. Enough on this story for now, this will run and run all year.

Chicago started their season with an almost totally new team. Rose, Noah, Deng and Gibson returned as starters from last year, but they managed to nab Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Keith Bogans, Omer Asik and CJ Watson in the off-season. Rose and Noah are definitely game winning players, and with Boozer, another game winner and probably the biggest prize after the 'Miami Three', the Bulls can look to win around the 50 game mark.

The Bulls opened with a loss to a very good Oklahoma City and followed that with a huge come-from-behind victory over the Detroit Pistons, and then a domination of Portland Trailblazers, handing them their first defeat of the season. Coach Thibodeau needs to keep an eye on defensive concentration, as in all 3 games they let the opponents get to the Free Throw line far too many times.

Then the mini-crisis began. The Knicks rolled up in Chi-Town and made 16 three-pointers go in, out of just 24 attempts, leading to a 120-112 defeat for the home team and sending both teams to 2-2 (.500), both will look to move back to a winning record next time out.

Bulls @ Celtics is definitely my pick of the coming 4 days' games, until then, try to keep up with it all if you can.

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