Friday, 19 November 2010

Bosh gets it in gear

For 3 weeks Chris Bosh has been sitting in idle, no power in the engine and the hand-brake well and truly on.

Against the Phoenix Suns though, he finally managed to get the engine in gear. And he did it in style. He drove Miami Heat to victory with a stunning 35 point total in just 30 minutes of play.

Bosh is that 3rd part of the 'Miami Three.' And so far he's been a little bit like a third wheel, not being able to get involved with the pairing of Wade and LeBron James. Everyone expected his points per game to take a dip after changing from the #1 shooting option in Toronto, to the #3 in Miami, but we didn't expect him to be quite so bad at everything else. By all means his rebounding should stay the same, his assists could have potentially gone up too. But they didn't. They dropped too as if he didn't want to play.

Bosh finally found a rhythm against the Suns
Bosh's season had been so underwhelming so far that there were rumours flying around that the Heat would have to make an emergency-signing to get an strong, athletic center. There were rumours that if the Heat could have traded then Bosh would have been gone at the end of the season. Bosh told us again and again that he would change, and he was getting very close to the point where people were not listening.

Then he finally got it all together with a game-high 35 points, dominating the game against the Suns which Miami won by 27 points. Not only did he score a lot of points in a fairly short amount of time, but he scored a couple of game-changing baskets to put an end to a 21-8 Phoenix run. His last seven points also started an 18-3 run that killed off the late challenge by the Suns.

The next step for Bosh is to prove that this wasn't a one-off performance tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats. He probably won't hit 35 points again in such a fashion, but he will need to play very well and score the same sort of points, big, game changers and at least 20-ish points to be able to say he's finding his form.

Miami need him, 7-4 for the season so far. After 10-11 games (barring injuries) teams can begin to work out their starting 5 and their 6th man. Bosh needs to put in a little series of big games to establish himself well and truly the third part of the Miami Three.

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